Have you considered natural stone flooring?

One of the first things you'll notice about natural stone flooring is its lifespan. Professional installation and regular care can exceed 100 years or more. And they offer benefits that you're sure to find helpful in every room of your home. If you've never experienced these materials before, you'll want to know more about them. They're durable, stunning, and provide benefits you'll want in your home. And they could be the last floor covering you ever have to install.

Durability is a key feature

Natural stone tiles maintain the lifespan they're known for because of their durability. However, different types of stones offer other characteristics. That means you'll have to match a stone type with your specific requirements. For instance, some materials need sealing and resealing at regular intervals. But others need no sealing at all. And one of them is likely to serve you better based on your needs.

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Stunning visuals that are hard to replicate

The visual appeal found in natural stone flooring is a coveted option for almost every homeowner. That's why so many materials seek to mimic stone floor tiles. But when you have the real thing in place, you'll know it. There is an elegance and rustic appeal that blends well with even the most formal areas. But it has an earthy appeal that's perfect for minimalistic designs. There's always a way to put this look into any decor scheme.

The installation process takes time

Each product has specific requirements for installation, and these pair with your layout. Once you choose a material and we take measurements, we can give you an estimate of installation time. Great precision ensures the best natural stone flooring installation, and our technicians are well-equipped. We have your answers if you have questions about the materials or the process. And it's important to us to keep you up to date from product selection through installation. Your dream floors are closer than you think.
Natural stone in Johnson City, TN from Shelton Tile and Flooring

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