A glass tile backsplash can change everything

Glass tile offers impressive benefits for a wide variety of remodeling uses. But for backsplashes, it's especially beneficial in both kitchens and bathrooms. The visual appeal and durability are perfect for the spaces, but there's so much more.

If you've never experienced these materials before, now is a great time to learn more. You might wonder why you haven't installed them already. And having a working knowledge of the material can create the best shopping results.

All the durability you need

Glass might not be the best choice for flooring or countertop use. But it's perfect for your backsplash building. Since the material is completely waterproof, it soaks in no liquids, grease, or food. Glass tile is easy to clean, with only a damp cloth and soapy solution. They also resist mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, alleviating worry about degradation. With proper installation, you'll see these materials can last more than 10 years.

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Choose from a vast selection of visuals

There are far more appearance options in this product line than we can mention here. Some options include colors, frosting, etching, and mosaic tile, each in different sizes. It's easy to match any decor scheme you currently have in place. But some homeowners choose to build a new look around their desired product. And both options give you results that keep you current for years to come.

More facts about glass tile

Installing glass tiles is like installing porcelain or ceramic with similar steps. You can even use grout with these materials for a great look and long-lasting materials. But, of course, the type of grout you choose matters, so ask which is best for your backsplash.

It's essential to keep up with maintenance for your chosen materials. Once you select all the options for your project, you'll get details on how to care for them. And if you have any questions, you can ask at any time.
Glass tile in Johnson City, TN from Shelton Tile and Flooring

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