Is hardwood flooring best for your home?

Hardwood flooring is an outstanding choice if you want or need an extensive lifespan. But the materials also provide a wealth of other benefits. You'll enjoy the durability and stunning visuals for every room in your home.

These floors are a perfect addition if you never want to shop for flooring again. But they work well for specific decor matching as well. And the more you know about the materials, the better your shopping experience will be.

Durability for decades

Solid wood floors are perfect for even your busiest areas, but species selection is crucial. Some are harder than others, and more activity requires a harder species. A suitable sealant makes a difference, too, especially with specific flooring options. Even a textured finish can add durability to specific spaces. Textures like vintage, distressed, and hand-scraped can hide scuffs and scratches. This is an excellent choice for homes with children or pets.

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Visual appeal for the best decor matching

The looks you can create with solid and engineered wood flooring are extensive. Options include timeless, classic colors and formats, especially in rustic settings. But they work as well in contemporary designs, with a modern approach to wood formats and colors. Hardwood flooring trends lean toward whichever look you want to build in your home. And you can customize each option to suit your specific needs in every room in your home. Take time to consider your requirements compared to everything you can gain here.

The installation process is important

Before your flooring installation, your wood floors will go through an acclimation process. The service takes from one to three days, depending on the humidity in the home and the weather. After this, the installation of your chosen hardwood flooring materials can proceed, and we'll give you all the details.
Hardwood flooring in Johnson City, TN from Shelton Tile and Flooring

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